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How does CBD pain cream work?

Gelsum Relief Cream is a full-spectrum thick, luxurious cream-based, 750 mg topical. Absorbs quickly, not sticky and does not leave residue. Moisturizing cream with lower menthol than some pain relief creams on the market. (10% very little tingle sensation, a high % would be over 17% which feels like tingling sensation that lasts about 10 […]

Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

Did you know there is a difference?  Dry is a skin type. Dehydration is a skin condition. DRY SKIN If your skin is flaky, cracked or irritated, you’re considered to have dry skin. This means your skin actually lacks oil that keeps your appearance from glowing, youthful and fresh. This may or may not clear […]

Managing Acne Breakouts

Acne develops when pores in the skin become clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria, or both. This clogging also occurs when the body produces too much sebum, an oil that keeps the skin from drying out. When the lipid barrier is enhanced and protected by hyaluronic acid, the skin is better able to defend itself […]
Skin Tools to penetrate serum to deeper layers


Skin aging problems are most commonly associated with wrinkles and fine lines. But, as a matter of fact, skin aging problems come to appear in a number of different ways such as adult acne, cellulite, sun spots and much more. This is where the need to elevate your home skincare routine is crucial! Skin care […]

Rebuild and Renew Collagen

Are you looking for genuine anti-aging solutions for your skin? Then it is extremely important that you dive deeper into the root cause of dermal collapse and understand COLLAGEN. When you have acne, sun spots, wrinkles, cellulite or any other skin issues associated with aging; it’s all happening because of dermal collapse, loss of collagen, […]


WHAT IS HYALURONIC ACID? Why do we love it? Hyaluronic acid has been said to be “a hydration miracle”, “a hero ingredient”, “dermatologist #1 recommended skin care ingredient”, “moisture shield”, and a “super magnet for moisture” as it holds 1,000 times it’s weight in water.  For this reason it is a gold standard ingredient for […]

Hydration vs Moisturizer is there a difference?

Hydrators and moisturizers both address the importance of making sure the skin is getting all the water it needs to fight dryness and dehydration, premature signs of aging and environmental damage. “Hydration” (humectant) is the extraction of water molecules from the air and then infusing your cells with water pulling them into the skin’s surface […]

GOOD, BAD and Ugly of preservatives! A Guide to understanding preservatives in skincare.

Are we afraid of preservatives at Gelsum? Not necessarily. We have a water based serum so therefore you must have a preservative that has anti-microbial qualities. SO we researched a clean, natural preservative without toxic health implications. Which is called COSGARD. THE GOOD, using preservatives extends the shelf life of your products plus avoids bacteria […]