Hydration vs Moisturizer is there a difference?

Hydrators and moisturizers both address the importance of making sure the skin is getting all the water it needs to fight dryness and dehydration, premature signs of aging and environmental damage.

“Hydration” (humectant) is the extraction of water molecules from the air and then infusing your cells with water pulling them into the skin’s surface improve your skin’s ability to plump up, enhance the texture and glow of your skin plus ability they allow your skin to absorb other nutrients. ie serums. If hydration escapes, skin ends up dry and flaky. Per our study participants results, it is possible a light serum could penetrate into dermis layer. Which is where collagen is, and its the only way to control deep wrinkles by utilizing continued collagen building techniques with skin tools + clean serums. (BLOG on Elevating Your Skin Care Routine with skin tools coming soon!) Both are crucial to healthy, glowing and young appearing skin. Gelsum Topical Hemp serum uses both. “Moisturizing” (petrolatum and emollient) is about sealing and locking in the moisture preventing the water from escaping to build your skin’s natural protective barrier & restoration. ie rich, creamy lotion

what is a humectant vs emollient
Handy chart to show the ingredient differences by Healthline Magazine
The need for either may depend on environment, stress, diet, sebum in your skin and the weather. Some people get enough hydration from the serum and occasional moisture on top. Some need both daily.

By introducing these 2 key moisturizing elements to your skin on a regular basis, you are helping to not only improve the appearance of your skin but also prevent damage as a result of a compromised skin barrier.

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