Rebuild and Renew Collagen

Are you looking for genuine anti-aging solutions for your skin? Then it is extremely important that you dive deeper into the root cause of dermal collapse and understand COLLAGEN.

When you have acne, sun spots, wrinkles, cellulite or any other skin issues associated with aging; it’s all happening because of dermal collapse, loss of collagen, bone loss, compromised skin barrier.

Collagen is the strongest and most abundant protein that plays a huge role in healing wounds, skin elasticity, skin tone, repairing skin cells and  damage your skin goes through from within.

The desire to keep your skin supple, youthful and fight skin aging, highlights the importance of organically sourced skin care solutions like GELSUM TOPICAL HEMP™ and cross-functional treatments such as derma-planing and derma-rolling that penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin to help you optimize results. (Next Blog: Elevate your skincare to renew collagen and achieve clearer skin with recommended skin tools)

If you have dermal collapse, it’s quite evident why expensive anti-aging skin serums and moisturizers fail to treat signs of skin aging alone. Using semi-invasive skin care tools like derma-rolling and facial steamers will help penetrate nourishing serums into the dermal layer of the skin for inducing the formation of new collagen.  (see BLOG post on Elevate Home Skin Care Routine for skincare tools)


Side note: Many people ask if taking collagen internally helps to firm skin, fight anti-aging and restore damaged cells… in brief, there is not enough studies to prove the effects at this time. It is documented you can get the same proteins needed from foods we eat.