Using Gelsum Topical Hemp: It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Wash, Dry Lightly, Apply.
Gelsum is reinventing what it means to maintain and more importantly enhance skin health! We have created an innovative organically sourced hydrating and healing gel and serum. Our serum’s consistency is light weight, not sticky like a few other brands we have tried.  To maximize hyaluronic acid’s ability to hydrate and protect your skin barrier, remember 5 important tips:                                         1) Clean beauty = shorter shelf-life, must be used within 2 months. 2) Best refrigerated, which feels incredibly refreshing as well,  if you do not have a cosmetic fridge in your bathroom at the very least keep out of sunlight and in a dry, dark space. 3) Wash, Dry Lightly, Apply – Application 1-2 drops on clean moist skin morning and night, apply your favorite moisturizer.

 Having over 2-300mg CBD in your topical FACIAL products could cause drying and irritation, keep mg low. Ours has 100mg per 30ml (and did you see the amazing healing powers just 100mg had on Kathleen’s psoriasis, Kristy’s dark circles and puffy eyes, and reduces Jill’s butterfly rash.  5) Our before and after photos from the study have shown incredible results GO TO  > OUR STUDY.   Our Serum ingredients organically sourced, manufactured and sold in USA. No delays like many skincare lines sourcing ingredients out of the country.   VISIT US ON PINTEREST< FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM @gelsumtopicalhemp – Share our posts on social media, add comments, ask questions, share product with friends!  ~ Thank you to our loyal clients for your support ~